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UGA Rivalry Prank

I discovered and exploited a vulnerability in the University of Georgia's online master calendar.

I scheduled an event titled, "Get Ass Kicked By GT" to happen during the time of the annual football game.

As Seen On:

"These are the kinds of things that can happen when one of your biggest rivals is an institute of technology."


"Tech student pays price for   ‘Greatest prank ever,’ hack of UGA" 


"It is worth noting that Pickren lists the prank in the 'projects' section of his LinkedIn account. Putting a person like that in jail should be illegal itself."

-From The Rumble Seat

Unfortunately, I was indicted for "Computer Trespass" as a result of my prank. 

Eventually, all charges were dropped and my arrest was expunged. To read my full story, check out my Facebook post below.

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