Undergraduate Research

Georgia Institute of Technology

PROX-1 Satellite Mission
Fall 2015

        The Prox-1 mission will demonstrate automated trajectory control for on-orbit inspection of a deployed CubeSat. The Prox-1 spacecraft has been designed, fabricated and tested by a team of Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students who will also be responsible for mission operations.


        I worked with the software team to design the uplink/downlink and beacon protocols for the spacecraft. I was responsible for all ground station protocol implementation. I independently wrote two client applications that implemented these protocols using transport layer sockets. The uplink /downlink protocol was bi-directional and utilized forward error correction as well as cryptographically secure signatures. The implimentation was done in Python and was wrapped in a Tkinter GUI. The beacon protocol was uni-directional and contained on-board data summarizations to determine overall spacecraft health. In addition to writing the software that captured and decoded these beacon signals, I also wrote a Flask server to allow any team member to access the data in real-time.

TileSlide iOS App
Spring 2015


        I worked one-on-one with Dr. George Riley, the Associate Chair for ECE Graduate Affairs, to study and become familiar with the syntax of Apple’s Swift programing language. At the end of the semester, I gave a presentation comparing and contrasting Swift to other object-oriented languages to ECE graduate students. During my studies, I independently created an iPad game called TileSlide written entirely in Swift.

Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC)
Spring & Summer 2014

        I researched the security measures in Apple’s iOS 8 operating system and performed penetration tests on Georgia Tech's online systems. I decompiled Apple’s Mobile Safari to study how the Just-In-Time (JIT) Javascript compiler securely managed executable code. I also improved the Georgia Tech online voting system by discovering a major vulnerability in the underline webapp.


iCapture! iOS App
Spring 2013

        I worked one-on-one with Professor David Anderson to reverse engineer a Commodore PET video game that replicated the original artificial intelligence and game play in Objective-C. The final project was built on the iOS platform for the iPhone.